Wed 8th August 2018 – double header

ELC, 33 Palmeira Mansions, Hove

Teaching when the technology fails

Ed Russell

This session offered practical low-tech alternatives to help teachers deal with situations where technology has failed.

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Drama in the classroom

Kandy Ackland

This session focussed on the use of improvisation, ice-breakers and ‘energy transformers’.

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Wed 1st Aug

Demand-high teaching

Elizabeth Weedon

Holland Road, Hove

This workshop introduced the concept of Demand-High Teaching, what it is and how it can be applied in the classroom.

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Wed 25th Jul

Teaching and motivating high-level learners

Theresa Clementson

Stafford House
61 Western Road, Hove

This talk explored how teachers can help high level learners extend and hone their vocabulary in order to achieve “effortless fluency” in spoken and written output.

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Wed 4th Jul


Stuart Willats

Old Steine, Brighton

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Wed 27th Jun – double header

EC, Manchester St, Brighton

SEN : How to identify,differentiate and celebrate

Kate Middleton

This session suggested practical strategies to support students’ learning, manage behaviour, and promote a positive learning experience for all.

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Tips for classroom management

Tom Veryzer

This workshop focussed on ‘the much-neglected art of student engagement as a strategy for classroom control’.

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Wed 23rd May

Teaching Speakers of Arabic

Gary Hicks

University of Brighton
Edward St, Brighton
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Fri 23rd March

Teaching Teens

Kayley Middlebrook & Clara Maldonado

Stafford House
Western Road

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Monday 19th February 2018

Connecting learners to the world – the power of personalisation

Alex Warren

Greater Brighton Metropolitan College
Pelham Street

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